If only i had a nickle...

If only i had a nickle...

Ugh...an insight into the human mind...how revolting.

Friday, December 01, 2006

New Video


OK you all have to watch this amazing video, if you don't i will cry...so have that on your conscioufangagss! muauahahahaha!

Monday, November 06, 2006


So halloween has come and gone. That pic is of me and my friend Sarah in her dorm.

Life for me has been kinda slow and boring, except for when my parents decided to drop in on me. It was really really nice of them to do that. I had been missing them quite a bit and for them to just come and hang for awhile was wonderful.

So, i watched Bruce Almighty last night. And i know its very very strange but everytime i watch it i truly feel like i'm getting a spirtual glass of water. I guess just like being around fellow christians and stuff, which i don't do very much of here, but thats what it felt like to me. Just a brush against God, it was wonderful. And this morning i woke up feeling very refreshed although i probably only got like 4 hours of sleep at the most.

Well i certainly do miss most of you and hope that you are having a good week. Hopefully if all goes well i'll be able to come home this weekend, which i look forward to muy mucho! I miss my cat, and i miss you guys. So look out i might be rollin into town! YEE HAAW! ya i know you can't handle this, apparently you can't handle much. hmm...maybe i should be a little less vindictive, yes that would be best. But i'm tired of playing like all is good in the nieghborhood when things are all crap. So tough.

loves and kisses


Saturday, September 23, 2006


Random midnight thoughts.

hmm...since NOBODY except for angie ever comments on my blogspot i'm thinking i might just quit it. I'll just stick with my myspace. If people want to contact me, i'm at myspace.com/coywolfy4god but seeing as no one contacts me here i doubt you will all contact me there. I'm just really tired of posting and knowning that nobody gives a rats @$$ so i'm quitting it. Angie i guess you'll just have to get a myspace, it really isn't all that complicated. its actually easier.

So, tootles

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rainbows and Sunshine

Things aren't as good as all of that but they are still pretty good.

Fencing has been going really well, last nights practice was much fun even if i was extremely sweaty afterwards. We ran 2 laps, then did this exercise where you jump up on to a metal bench and then jump off of it in engard postion. Then we did footwork exercises and the dreaded crap walk where we go down as far as we can and still do our footwork. Now that just burns. But then after that was all done we got to suit up and start sparring. So i got to fight much longer than normally. Then we also each got to do a one on one with the coach. Now i'm going to remind you all that coach is sword swinging hottie. So, we start off and of course he gets me first and then again and then I GOT HIM! He totally was not expecting that at all. It was wonderful! I parried and the repoiste! Exactly like i was supposed to do and got him right in the chest! it was beautiful! He even congragulated me on it. Saying it was a very good hit. lol! Oh its wonderful feeling.

I passed my psychology exam with an 80 something. I got an A- on my public speaking speach, and an 18 out of 20 on my history paper. *happy dance* I was very excited about all of that! Good grads are fun! Specially when you expected to get very low grads on all of them. lol!

Well thats about it except that the weather has become soooo wonderful! yay yay!!! nice and cold!!!!!
lurves all of you even those who don't ever read this and don't ever update theres

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Updating 101

OK, so life has been purty good. Gave a presentation didn't screw up to badly. umm..rented a million movies to watch this weekend have already watched most of them. Meaning i actually only have one left. Hmmm...I'm tired and excessively bored.

Fencing has been good. My legs are all sore. But on the bright side we've actually gotten to start sparring with each other. So thats always fun.

um...last night played Trivial Pursuit till like 3 in the morning that was fun. oh yeah...i lost both games. yeah for me.

Finshed my homework, yay.

Contemplating poking my eyes out with my Rainbow colored Fire Fighter Pen.

My room is actually clean...yay for me. I had to clean it cause my room mate's folks came today and i wanted it to be clean when they got here so that i wouldn't seem like too much of a slop. Since i am purty sloppy. lol!

Anywho much love my bonnie lasses


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Renn Fest

So i went home this past weekend. And it was good to see people and hang out with them. It was good to get hugged again.

So i went to rennfest monday. and it rocked. Like all years. I loooove the renn fest. When i have kids i'm always gonna take them to the renn fest! Yes i know its kinda expensive but its always so worth it. I love it soo much. Just the whole feel of the place is amazing. Not to mention all the hotties in costume! The renn fest is a wonderful reason for hot guys to walk around shirtless and in tighter pants than they would have ever dreamed of wearing. Oh its wonderful.

My sissy paid for me to get in. She also bought me a tail. I loooves me sis! She rocks!

Kinda been feeling the single blues recently. But i think i'll get over it. Don't have much choice huh? Look on the bright side of things, lol...like i get to stare at guys and not feel guilty, don't have to worry about somebody else, umm...yeah...thats a good thing right? Oh well, i'll get over it don't worry.

I've got fencing tomarrow and i'm psyched about it. Can't wait, *happy dance*!

Later my little lovlies!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mountain Dew

So i finally got a face book...go me. lol! umm...not much else is going on. I'm coming home this weekend. yay. I want to cut off my legs cause they hurt so bad from fencing. oh well.
kisses and hugs and a round house kick to the face